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The Independent Wholesaler Advantage | The Unsung Heroes

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The Independent Wholesaler Advantage | The Unsung Heroes

For over 70 years, customers in the Capital District have turned to Central Plumbing and Heating for unparalleled service and professional guidance. But where do professionals like us turn for support? Today we will be exploring the unsung heroes of the wholesale support network – the manufacturer’s representatives.

Wholesale operations have historically been the first step beyond the manufacturer in the flow of goods to the consumer. By virtue of this arrangement, wholesalers act as “market specialists” in their respective territories; they are experts in supplying product to meet the local consumer demand. From the manufacturer’s perspective, there evolved a need for this type of expertise when soliciting new markets, and driving demand for new products. Hence, the evolution of the manufacturer’s representative. These are typically independent businesses focused on managing a particular manufacturer’s sales solicitation, product support, and general customer service demands. You can view them as another form of a “market specialist”, advocating on behalf of a particular manufacturer. They play a key role in product support and are a large reason why a wholesaler is able to offer professional support to their customer base.

Being in this industry for most of my life, I’ve fostered very close relationships with people I do business with; I often see them as family. One of the most professional organizations I’ve had the pleasure of working with is Twin D Associates. They represent some of the highest quality brands in the plumbing realm – Delta Faucet, Clarion Fiberglass, In-Sink-Erator, Mansfield Plumbing, among many others. They are a family owned business, like Central Plumbing, and hold themselves to a high standard, like us. Every one of their employees exudes excellence in their individual responsibilities – job quoting, order entry, display management, and customer service. All are handled professionally and efficiently. Territory Manager Brian Dwyer explains his relationship with Central Plumbing and Heating:

Consummate professionals like Brian, and the rest of the staff at Twin D Associates, are the reason we at Central are able to fully support the product lines we sell. The complexities of the modern retail environment require a deep working knowledge of not just the products in question, but of addressing the customer service demands inherent in dealing with substantial sales volume. When you purchase products from Central Plumbing and Heating, rest assured there’s a full support network standing by to make sure your satisfaction is guaranteed.

~ Mark Sennett