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Steam Heating Systems

Steam is probably the most fascinating type of heating system.  By utilizing the unique nature of super-heated water, turned into a gas, the physics behind this help to enhance the heat transfer to the emitters (radiators).  Steam systems are a type of high-temperature, high-mass system and their primary benefit is found in the heat transfer…
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Hot Water Heating

Hydronic heating.  What exactly does this mean?  Hydronics is the use of water, be it in a liquid or gaseous (steam) form, as a medium to transfer heat.  The water is heated in a boiler, and distributed via a system of pipes, like duct work for forced air.  Water has some interesting qualities that make…
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Forced Hot Air Heating

By far the most commonly encountered type of heating system, forced air relies on heating air with a furnace, distributing that air via a system of metal ducts, where it ultimately finds its way into each room through an outlet called a register.  A benefit from the duct work is that it provides the necessary…
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Water Pipe Installation

• Shut off the cold water supply at the main shutoff valve. • Open one or more faucets to relieve the pressure. Open the system drain, leave faucets open. • Drain the domestic water system. • Install piping and fittings, connecting the tank cold water inlet and cold water supply of the residence, using a…
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• Shut-off valves: Allows isolation of the water heater from boiler system during service. • Dielectric Unions: Field supplied dielectric unions are required and designed to be installed between pipe made from dissimilar metals to prevent accelerated corrosion and deterioration in the piping system due to stray current discharges. • Vacuum Breaker: Protects the water…
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When installing or during the normal operation of this water heater, basic safety precautions, to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury, should be followed. Such precautions include but not limited to the following. • Read all instructions of the water heater, hot water boiler, and all components in the heating system. •…
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• Easy To Install • Low Pressure Drop • Magnesium Anode Rod Corrosion Protection • Enameled Coated Steel Tank and Coil • Minimal Standby Losses • Flexible Scratch Resistant Jacket • Aquastat Sensor Well • Temperature Pressure Relief Valve • Residential Limited Warranty: Tank, 8-years; Parts, 5-years • Commercial Limited Warranty: Tank, 5-years; Parts, 2-years

H2O Glass Lined Features

The glass lined indirect water heater offers an affordable solution in areas where high chloride levels in the domestic water supply can corrode a stainless steel tank. The internal coil delivers unmatched performance with a large surface area resulting in high domestic hot water ratings. Residential Limited Warranty: Tank, 8-Years; Parts, 5-Years 1” tappings for…
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H2OI Stainless Steel Single Coil Features

The stainless steel indirect water heater is the top-of-the-line choice offering longevity and energy efficiency.  Constructed of 316L stainless steel, this tank is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty when installed in a residential application.  It also has 2.25” of insulation and will only lose a half-degree per hour of standby.   Limited Lifetime Warranty…
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Comparing Fuel Costs and Water Heater Types

If you have more than one fuel type available in your area, it’s a good idea to compare fuel costs, especially if you’re building a new home. Even if you’re replacing a water heater, you may find that you’ll save more money in the long run if you use a different fuel or energy source.…
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