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Wall Hung Boilers | Mid-Efficiency

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Mid-Efficiency Dunkirk DWB Wall-Hung Boilers and Combination Boiler/Hot Water Heater operates at 85% efficiency, the DWB series of boiler or combination boiler/hot water heater is an excellent option for those replacing a cast iron floor-mount boiler.  Economical and easy to install are the primary reasons why this boiler is chosen over a cast iron alternative.

Field conversion kit included with each unit – allows the installer to change from natural gas to propane.

The boiler or combi unitd modulate between 33% to 100% of the firing rate to match the heat load or domestic hot water demands.

Vents with single-wall stainless steel “Category III” vent pipe.  This type of vent system uses stainless steel pipe and fittings that utilize an integrated gasket to seal the joints.  Easy to install and easy to disassembly for servicing and maintenance.