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Shower Wall Kits

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Shower Wall Kits

Shower Wall Kit Packages

Shower Wall kit packages are the most adaptable product available for the showering market.  Each component – the walls, shower base, shelves, etc can be ordered individually to meet the customer’s needs.  Shower wall kit panels are available in sizes up to 142” x 98” and shower bases can be made up to a staggering 120” x 96”… that’s 80 square feet!

Shower Walls can be ordered in a variety of colors and patterns.  Smooth, high-gloss walls offer the easiest cleaning while tile patterns further enhance the look without the hard-to-clean grout lines.  The production molds for the tile patterns are taken from real tile.  

Shower Wall Kit Bases

Shower wall kit bases are available with individual, or multiple threshold locations; allowing for a full array of custom shower door installations.  Multiple threshold heights are available, from 4” down to 1 ½ “.  You can even order a ramp to make wheelchair access easier.  

Shower wall kit accessories like shelves, niches, corner seats, bench seats, trim, and accent pieces can be added “a la carte” to complete your custom look. 

After understanding the shower wall kit benefits and why wall kits are gaining popularity, it is time to decide what brand of shower wall kit would work for you. We sell two brands of wall kits; Onyx and Tere-stone. Compiling a wish list for your bathroom is always a good first place to start. Fill out the questionnaire below to see what brand we would recommend for your bathroom project.