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Wall Kit Benefits

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Wall Kits Benefits

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View the latest 2024 trends in Shower Wall Kits at Central Plumbing and Heating Supply’s Kitchen and Bath Showroom.

Wall Kit Design Benefits 

There are several wall kit design benefits for your bathroom. Tub wall and shower packages are among the most customizable products sold in the bath remodeling realm.  We offer over 100 different colors and patterns to choose from; enabling you to compliment any bathroom design.  Each color can be ordered in either a smooth, high-gloss finish wall, or in a multitude of realistic tile patterns; further enhancing the beauty.  The wall kit panel system is an ideal substitution for tile – offering low maintenance with a high degree of customization.  Color matching accessories like shelves, seats, and niches, can be ordered individually and installed exactly where you want them.  

Wall Kits Durability

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Wall Kit Durability Benefits 

Wall kits are an especially durable product; the material has a high compression strength making it ideal for the installation of aftermarket accessories like grab bars, towel racks, or fold down seats.  The wall panels are a minimum of 5/16” thick and are directly adhered over waterproof sheetrock or hardiebacker.  When combined with the proper wood supports underneath, they allow a grab bar to be securely attached without fear of cracking the wall.  This is not possible with fiberglass showers and the ability to mount accessories requires special, custom ordered units with wood reinforcement factory installed; limiting the location of said accessories and greatly increasing their cost.  If a customer is considering a shower system with multiple functions like body sprays, showerheads, and a hand shower slide bar, the wall panels will maintain their structural integrity regardless of the number of penetrations.  Fiberglass units, on the other hand, lose structural integrity; potentially causing a leak.     

The shower bases are exceptionally durable with floor thicknesses ranging from 1” up to 1-1/2”.  Customers often compliment the solid feel of our display units.  Unlike tile shower floors, which are composed of a waterproof membrane, a mud substrate to build the slope, and the tile surface, a wall kit shower base is a completely solid, single piece molding; eliminating the potential for leaks.  Even if the surface is compromised, the waterproof nature will not be affected.  

Low Maintenance

Our wall kits are constructed from a high-grade substrate with a durable, easy to clean surface resin.  They can be cleaned with virtually any non-abrasive bathroom cleaner.  Walls can be ordered in either a smooth, or tile pattern; both are easy to clean due to the lack of grout and the high gloss finish.  Hard water deposits can be removed using a diluted solution of water and vinegar.  If you have especially hard water we suggest a water softener; it will greatly reduce the cleaning time for all your bathroom and kitchen fixtures.