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The Independent Wholesaler Advantage | On the Origin of Virtue

Throughout our lives we find ourselves engaged in relationships of varying capacity.  As social creatures, we humans yearn for a connection among those around us; we strive for a sense of belonging.  What must exist for a sense of solidarity between people?  I believe ideals and a sense of loyalty both play a key role…
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StarMark Cabinetry: Kitchen Cabinets that will Endure

Sydney, the Marketing Coordinator at Central Plumbing and Heating talks about the types of cabinets that endure usage and time. When beginning the process of a kitchen remodel, customers sometimes have their dream kitchen in mind, where others have no idea where to begin. They may know what color schemes they desire, they may know…
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The Independent Wholesaler Advantage | History

We in the wholesale community have witnessed a somewhat poignant development over the past twenty years – the rise of publicly-traded retail outlets devouring consumer demand.  The 21st century has experienced an unprecedented technological revolution in the respect that information access is now instant and personalized.  While this offers an advantage to the consumer to make…
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The Independent Wholesaler Advantage | The Unsung Heroes

For over 70 years, customers in the Capital District have turned to Central Plumbing and Heating for unparalleled service and professional guidance. But where do professionals like us turn for support? Today we will be exploring the unsung heroes of the wholesale support network – the manufacturer’s representatives. Wholesale operations have historically been the first…
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The Independent Wholesaler Advantage | Price and Value

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get.”  – Benjamin Graham Price and value. Terms so ubiquitous they are often used synonymously.  It’s often said you pay for what you get. But what if you don’t really know what you’re getting?  Is price then a fair representation of value? I briefly touched on…
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Tips for kitchen countertops that won’t break remodel budget

One of the biggest expenses of a kitchen remodel is countertops. Countertops are a large majority of kitchen space and as such they can put a strain on any kitchen budget. However, there are a few things you can do to install beautiful kitchen countertops while staying at or under budget. Here are a few…
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Introducing Cambria Matte

The new Marva Marble is here! If you love Cambria quartz surfaces but are looking for a less glitzy option for your countertops, Cambria has some exciting news for you: Cambria Matte™ finish is now available for all of Cambria’s 140+ designs!

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