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Tub Wall Kits

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Tub Wall Kits

Tub wall kits are an excellent option for customers who prefers the low maintenance of a one-piece fiberglass unit, but the custom look of a tile surround.  Each wall panel can be ordered in any size up to 142” x 98” meaning you’ll have fewer seams and the ability to create a waterproof barrier all the way to the ceiling.  You can even order ceiling panels for a completely waterproof enclosure!  It’s important to note – the tub selected must include a “water dam” (see image below) for proper installation.  When selecting a tub wall kit, the customer first chooses a tub of either fiberglass, acrylic, or cast iron.  Then, a suitably sized wall kit is selected to match the width and length of the tub, e.g. 30” x 60”, 32” x 60”, or 36” x 60” being the most common sizes. Next, the color or pattern is selected – e.g. solid color, granite, marble, etc.  The panels can be ordered in a high-gloss, smooth wall, or any of the tile patterns available.  Finally, accessories like soap dishes, shampoo niches, and grab bars, are selected.   

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