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StarMark Cabinetry: Kitchen Cabinets that will Endure

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StarMark Cabinetry: Kitchen Cabinets that will Endure

Sydney, the Marketing Coordinator at Central Plumbing and Heating talks about the types of cabinets that endure usage and time.

When beginning the process of a kitchen remodel, customers sometimes have their dream kitchen in mind, where others have no idea where to begin. They may know what color schemes they desire, they may know the general layout they want but often clients are unsure what products are worth the investment. That is where we step in. A major aspect of any kitchen remodel is cabinetry and finding efficient, effective, and functional cabinets is something we know best. Customers want products that are going to not only “get the job done” but also to match the style of your home and tolerate your day-to-day activities. Here at Central Plumbing and Heating Supply, we sell StarMark Cabinetry. StarMark is a company based in South Dakota that has been in business since the late 1970’s. In order to understand what sets StarMark apart from other cabinet brands, I decided to ask Beth, our Kitchen Designer and one of our Showroom Sales Representatives, for the inside scoop. 

Me: “So you have been designing and selling kitchen products for how many years now?”

Beth: “I’ve been doing kitchens exclusively for about fifteen years. I have an extensive background in construction having built many homes and remodeled and restored many older buildings. A kitchen is really the heart of the home— that’s where people gather, that’s where people want to be, that’s where you want to be, so it’s important that the kitchen is a very functional space. For me, building a kitchen is a very personal project.”

Me: “What led you to pick StarMark?”

Beth: “I looked at many brands and manufacturers before making a selection. I knew I wanted a very specific type of construction and quality so I went through reviews left by customers, contractors, and other wholesalers that sold StarMark. The feedback was excellent! There is a lot to be said when a contractor is happy working with a certain brand of cabinetry. I even toured the StarMark factory in South Dakota. It was extremely impressive and organized. Ultimately, I chose StarMark based on their quality. They are an all plywood box cabinet meaning that there is no particle board. Just well-made cabinets with excellent quality material.”

Me: “When it comes to style and design how does StarMark size up to other brands?”

Beth: “They offer all kinds of styles; contemporary, transitional, traditional, country, industrial, etc. StarMark’s finishes are second to none. They offer painted finishes, tinted varnishes, and stains. The finishes are mineral based rather than water based. Their drawers have dove tails and their cabinets have the soft close feature that everyone loves. These are cabinets made with durability and longevity in mind. They are what people want. They are going to last, and everyday household stuff is not going to destroy them.”

Me: “Price-wise, are they affordable?”

Beth: “Obviously when remodeling a kitchen, a lot of variables effect pricing. I always want to respect my customer’s budget and the great thing about StarMark is there are different levels of door styles and finishes that are based on specific budgets. They have everything that someone would want and I can tailor the design, the style, etc., to try to get them within their budget.”

Me: “Anything else you want to add about StarMark?”

Beth: “It is very frustrating for customers to get their cabinets and have multiple replacements they need to reorder and wait for. StarMark Cabinetry has an amazing packing system and there is a lot to be said for that. They even do quality checks before products leave the factory.”

…So, there you have it! If you are looking to remodel your kitchen give us a call at (518) 372-3208 and set up an appointment to meet with Beth. If you have any additional questions about StarMark Cabinetry feel free to leave a comment below.