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High Efficiency Wall Hung Boilers

High-Efficiency Dunkirk DCC/DCB Wall-hung Boilers and Combination Boiler/Hot Water Heater Operate at 95% efficiency in either Natural Gas or Propane (LP).

The Gas Adaptive Technology feature automatically detects the type of gas being used – either Natural Gas or LP – and adjusts the boiler accordingly; no need for a field conversion kit to change between the two.

ither the boiler only or combination boiler/hot water heater modulates the heating mode in 20,000 btu increments, depending on the required heat load.  So if you have a multiple zone house, and only 1 zone is calling, the boiler will automatically adjust the firing rate, incrementally, until the demand is satisfied.


The combination boiler/hot water heater units fire their domestic hot water mode at 25,000 btu increments – matching the load input with the hot water demand. Vents with polypropylene pipe and fittings.  Offering durability, low-cost, and ease of installation, polypropylene has been used for appliance venting in Europe for decades.  The pipe uses an integrated gasket to seal the sections and fittings together; no need for glue and can be easily disassembled for servicing or repair.  This series of boiler is ideal for radiant systems which operate at lower temperatures than traditionally fin-tube/convector systems.