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Victoria + Albert Vetralla 2 Soaking Tub – VE2-N-SW

Victoria + Albert Vetralla 2 Soaking Tub – VE2-N-SW


The Vetralla 2 is a slightly larger version of the Vetralla while still offering a voluminous bathing interior while keeping the overall tub footprint to a minimum.  One of the best features of this model is the available wine glass holder (sold separately)


Composed of volcanic limestone, Victoria and Albert tubs offer many advantages over traditional cast iron or acrylic tubs

  • Molded, one-piece construction means no enameled surface to chip
  • Renewable surface means scratches can be buffed out
  • The material offers excellent heat retention properties meaning your bath stays warmer for a longer period of time
  • The material is inherently rigid and doesn’t flex like less-expensive, acrylic tubs
  • Available in both a high-gloss and matte finish.  We suggest the high-gloss due to easier cleaning and less susceptibility to hard water staining
  • Exterior surface can be ordered in a multitude of different colors – red, blue, black, teal, …..the possibilities are endless

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  • 65″L x 28-5/8″W x 21-5/8″H  
  • 85 gallon capacity
  • Modern design
  • White
  • **Drain sold separately**
  • On display in our showroom!

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