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Victoria + Albert Vetralla Soaking Tub – VET-N-SW

Victoria + Albert Vetralla Soaking Tub – VET-N-SW


For bathrooms requiring a smaller tub footprint, the Vetralla is perfect for maximizing bathing space while keeping the overall tub footprint to a minimum. 


Composed of volcanic limestone, Victoria and Albert tubs offer many advantages over traditional cast iron or acrylic tubs

  • Molded, one-piece construction means no enameled surface to chip
  • Renewable surface means scratches can be buffed out
  • The material offers excellent heat retention properties meaning your bath stays warmer for a longer period of time
  • The material is inherently rigid and doesn’t flex like less-expensive, acrylic tubs
  • Available in both a high-gloss and matte finish.  We suggest the high-gloss due to easier cleaning and less susceptibility to hard water staining
  • Exterior surface can be ordered in a multitude of different colors – red, blue, black, teal, …..the possibilities are endless

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  • 59″L x 29-1/8″W x 22″H 
  • 68 gallon capacity
  • Modern design
  • White
  • **Drain sold separately**
  • On display in our showroom!

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